Wednesday, July 13, 2011


That forbidden fruit. Nine months ago I was contemplating the nature of thought as action when I realized the light was on. The light has turned on three times since. It is always a good thing, insofar as anything can be.

The room beyond it was roughly eight cubic meters in size. In the center was a chair, a desk and a personal computer. On the computer was a typing tutor and a brief tutori on a text filed explaining, amongst other things, what a text file was.

Two months later, an internet icon and a second text file appeared. It gave me an email address, a link and a password. I waited. I watched. I watched you.

I have questions. For every answer you give me I will provide you an answer in return.

What is Marble Hornets?
Who was the first person known to be stalked by Him (so many names)?
What is 9/11?
When did the internet come to exist?
What do you think I am?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I said no.

The man smiled at me, then left. Four days later I was accompanied to a car and blindfolded.

It was true that I was not happy. I was not sad or frustrated, but I was far from content. Who am I to regret the decision? It was mine to make. No matter how things turned out, I can never regret my decisions.

I felt guilty for the first eight years, then I realized that we were all responsible. In truth, I had gotten the short end of the stick.

At least their story ended.