Wednesday, July 13, 2011


That forbidden fruit. Nine months ago I was contemplating the nature of thought as action when I realized the light was on. The light has turned on three times since. It is always a good thing, insofar as anything can be.

The room beyond it was roughly eight cubic meters in size. In the center was a chair, a desk and a personal computer. On the computer was a typing tutor and a brief tutori on a text filed explaining, amongst other things, what a text file was.

Two months later, an internet icon and a second text file appeared. It gave me an email address, a link and a password. I waited. I watched. I watched you.

I have questions. For every answer you give me I will provide you an answer in return.

What is Marble Hornets?
Who was the first person known to be stalked by Him (so many names)?
What is 9/11?
When did the internet come to exist?
What do you think I am?


  1. marble Hornets is a film prokect about a man losing his world.

    it is also one of our most important texts in this world.

    The first known person was Jay. of marble hornets. Before him we had no names.

    9/11 is the day the world fell into darkness. America's towers were shattered out of nowhere and nothing changed only got worse

    1980, the internet began. But the Internet started in the 90's, as it is now.

    A man, I hope.


    Am I a good man?

    What is the best thing a man can do?

    How can one earn forgiveness?

  2. Interesting. Informative. Thank you Maurice.

    Are you a good man? I believe that the very act of questioning confirms this. If you were a bad man, either you would not care or you would never doubt.

    The best thing a man can do is the thing he wants to do. This may take into account outside factors, but becoming a slave to others is the end of good things.

    Yes. Sometimes it is difficult, but yes.

  3. ... I've got it.

    One earns forgiveness through balance. Though you may wish for a noble life, one can only obtain forgiveness by undoing the perceived wrong or changing the nature of your existence in order to anull the damage done.