Saturday, June 25, 2011

And now is where the story begins.

By the time I was seventeen I had become a complete introvert. I was not standoffish, mean or unlikable, but I felt no motivation to leave my home or establish friendships. My father was the only person I spoke to for an extended period of time. I helped at the counter. People said hello and I returned the gesture. That was it.

Then one day a suited man came in. This was unusual. The people of the town were either farmers who wore suits only for funerals or chĂ´meurs, who in any case rarely came into the store. This was the only time I saw this man. He was about five and a half feet tall, with brown hair and green eyes. His suit was clearly made fore business, a sportcoat with a white shirt and blue tie.

He said three words:

"Are you happy?"

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