Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A flash, a twist. Running, limping, bleeding, crying. A figure glimpsed down a hallway. The ringing matching the pitch of the alarm. The door. Further down the hallway. Not liberty, but safety, at least for a while.

Red. Blue. Red. Blue. Almost there now. Can't stop. Too many hallways branching off. More and more. I have to get there. I have to get there. I have to get there.

The feel of smooth metal against the skin. A spin and the latch is undone. A low wail getting higher in pitch. Even inside isn't safe. Inside is another way to end. At least I'll die in my bed. The door swings shut. Silence.

how is not a question today.


  1. I always want to know the why, Typer.

  2. Typer... It's a very good name. It fits. Especially if one is an existentialist. Well done, Maurice.

    Too early to answer a question, but your input is valued.

  3. "Why" it is.

    Because it is Man's fate to find that which will destroy itself. I saw things. Others saw things. No one said a damned word.

  4. Our fate to find that which will destroy itself? If your coming to us than we will assume your talking about the Slender Man. Are you going to tell us what you saw? What others saw? If your only want information from us than ask away.