Saturday, June 18, 2011

In My Room

There is a small bed, a sink, a toilet, a cupboard, a wardrobe, and a broken mirror. The floor is made of smoothed cement, the walls painted steel lined with lead. There are two doors. One leads to a shower. Another leads outside. There is a light above the door.

I dare not open the door when the light is off.

Today is a free question day.
You may ask whatever you wish, but some answers branch into more questions...


  1. What is the worst thing that can happen to a man?

  2. To be robbed of the ability to make decisions.

  3. What is the worst thing a Man can do to himself?

  4. I realize I'm a little late for this, but...

    Who are you? Or rather, who do you consider yourself to be?

  5. My name is Olivier Barriault, and I have done very little for a very long time.

  6. I'm still going to call you typer.

    I like it better than Ollie.

  7. What you call me does not matter. My name is no longer of significance. I am as much "Olivier" as I am "Typer", or "." for that matter.

  8. one cannot be robbed of the ability to make decisions. one can only give the ability away.

    why are you here? and by "here" i mean here on blogger, writing this.

  9. Why am I here?
    Because I want answers.
    Because I need to tell my story.

    Because I am so... incredibly... bored.

    Make of that what you may.

    As of yet, the Glass Man appears to be the only person to have ascertained at least a portion of my story, and Maurice seems to be the only one who thinks his answers through.

    To close off our questioning session, here's one of my own: who do you think will win, in the end?

  10. that's not a question anyone wants to admit knowing the answer to.

    personally, i try not to think of it in terms of winning or losing, at least when i'm being objective. it's too simple. shades of gray are needed.

    individually... there's only so long each of us can last. we can make it a damn good run, but if It wants to end it, It can do so at any time. collectively, though... there are much too many of us for us to ever truly "lose". sometimes i think we seem like cockroaches, because we're never really gone for good.

    here's hoping, anyway.

  11. We will only win when our lives are normal again. And that will never happen as long as he is around.

    We all lose, and the House always wins.