Sunday, June 12, 2011


It has been 6 months since I've known of the Internet.
It has been 5 months since I started watching you.
It has taken an additional 4 months for me to decide what to do.

I've decided that I have a story to tell. It is not a simple story. It is not about running or fighting. It is a story of knowing and learning. At time too much. At others too little. I have a story to tell, but if I am to tell it I intend to tell it in its entirety.

My mother was a Frenchwoman and my father was a Scotsman. I learned my mother tongue from my father. He was never fully shaven. Stubble could always be felt on his face. He worked at a store, or perhaps he owned it. We lived by the sea.

I have a question for you all: why do you think the Slender Man does what He/he/it does? Do not give me the excuse that it is beyond reasoning, give me your speculations, your own reasoning.


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  2. Because he can.

    Because nothing can stop him.

  3. Because he finds it fun. Like a toddler with a magnifying glass and an ants nest.


  4. Because we make him. We wrote him as a monster, so he is one.

  5. For the Evulz. He's trolling humanity.

  6. I apologize for my prolonged absence. From my... location I am often unable to access the internet.

    The question posed this week is "why". Given the context, it could be an inquiry into many things. I choose to believe that I am being asked to explain my own question. Why do I want to know what you all think? Curiosity. I don't think any of you have found the proper answer, though Maurice's was quite fascinating. As for Thage, your pointed Lack of a response was the exactly the opposite of what I was asking for. As a result, your non-answer is no longer available for none to see.

    I didn't want to know the answers, only Your answers.